Ingham: A Creative Writing Project: Exploring the Relationship of Nature, Spirituality, and Place


Amie Adams
Mentor: Dr. Keith Fynaardt
Department of English

My honors scholarship is a creative nonfiction writing project focused on the intersection of natural history and spirituality. I was inspired by Scott Russel Sanders, in his essay "Buckeye," to explore the meaning of place and the way places we love shape our perspectives of the world. 

After extensive research of the Ingham Lake area in Iowa, I developed a series of essays, each focused on a specific natural feature of the area, which explore a variety of themes, including: agriculture, development, tourism, spirituality, history, and conservation. Ultimately, my writing is a meditation on the effects of human interactions with the landscape. 

Through my project, I hope to welcome the beauty of the scarred landscape and point toward the possibilities for restoration. I see profound beauty in this hidden corner of Iowa, and I hope to help preserve the stories of the land and the people who have inhabited it so that Ingham can be well lived in and remembered.