Integrated Marketing and Communication: “The Pitch” Project


Olivia Lanier
Mentor: Professor Erica Vonk
Department of Business and Economics

"The Pitch" project is a way to learn concepts central to integrative marketing and communication, using mentorship from a local marketing agency to develop a plan for a restaurant business. Many different factors go into preparing a marketing plan for a business to be successful. Students in Northwestern College's Integrated Marketing and Communication course, including myself, studied different techniques and parts of a marketing plan. The different sections included forming a budget and incorporating different communication media- such as television, radio, and social media-to utilize concepts. After learning these different tactics, "The Pitch" project was started with a "real" client in the food industry (a new local restaurant). The class was split into competing marketing agency teams that began their research using interviews with the restaurant "owners," weekly class sessions, and consultations with our professor and the assigned agency mentor from Agency Two Twelve of Sioux Center. With this combined research, each marketing team developed a twelve-month integrative marketing plan for this restaurant, and determine how to make the restaurant most successful in its target market. The marketing and communication ideas learned in class were a vital part of the research conducted for the project to be successful.

This project was supported by Agency Two Twelve and Professor Erica Vonk.