Creating a Fantasy World


Abigail Stoscher
Mentor: Dr. Sam Martin
Department of English

The process of creating a fantasy world is complex and messy, and I have attempted to be very intentional in my research throughout this creative writing project. The critical part of this research has involved exploring key ideas from the essays on fantasy writing that I have read this semester; essays that wrestle with the theories behind the mechanics of fantasy, as well as with the disputed importance of this genre. The creative part of my research has focused on reading and analyzing fantasy stories themselves. After reading many works in different styles and sub-genres of fantasy, I took the time to reflect on how these stories have impacted my own in terms of content, structure, and writing style. This semester I have brought together the critical and creative parts of my research in the making of an original fantasy world and in the telling of a quest set in that world. The center of this board is an introduction to my fantasy world detailing the influences of my critical and creative research.