Checklist for Poster Design

Checklist for Poster Design

ロ First Things First: Meet with your faculty mentor/advisor and go over your Research Project and this checklist.

ロ Review the following Slide-Deck by a good friend and former colleague of mine. Dr. Jonathan Hagood: "Make Great Poster Presentations"

ロ Discuss: What tactile/kinesthetic components (handout, artifacts, etc.) will accompany your poster?

ロ Discuss: How will your poster be multi-dimensional?

ロ Discuss: What multimedia components (including images and graphics) will your poster presentation include?

ロ Discuss: Which template should you use for your poster: see the list of options at multimedia components (including images and graphics) will your poster presentation include? Check out this page to review and download a template for your poster.

Note: Saturated color can be used in small sections, but avoid using it as a background or in large sections

ロ Discuss: Does the poster need a separate methodology section?

ロ Discuss: What evidence, results, case studies, etc. from your Research Project will you include in the poster? 

ロ Edit the content of your poster using the correct trifold size: 36" x 48" (or use a template available HERE).

ロ Write: Title Block (Name, Title, Date, etc.)

ロ Write:Abstract

ロ Insert: Images and Graphics

ロ Insert: Evidence, Results, Case Studies, etc. from Research Project

ロ Write: Conclusion(s)

ロ Write: References

ロ View the poster either by projecting it on a large screen in a classroom or print it scaled down to 8-1/2" x 11" (In PowerPoints Print menu, click Full Page Slides, and then check Scale to Fit Paper). 

ロ Get peer/faculty feedback (on multiple occasions) on your poster presentation before the poster session.

ロ Submit your poster for printing by Monday, March 27, 2017 to: using the subject: "Celebration Research Poster to Print" Note, if you don't submit your poster on time, you will need to send your poster to be printed on your own and absorb the costs of printing and shipping.

ロ Have your faculty mentor review the final version of your abstract (review the expectations and examples of abstracts) and email the finished abstract to with the subject line: "Abstract -- Final Submission" by March 30, 2017. 

ロ Discuss: What will you wear to the poster session?

ロ Pick up a free trifold board and your printed poster by Wednesday morning, April 5, 2017.